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SQLITE_VERSION(3)          Library Functions Manual          SQLITE_VERSION(3)

     Library Version Numbers

     #define SQLITE_VERSION
     #define SQLITE_SOURCE_ID

     The SQLITE_VERSION C preprocessor macro in the sqlite3.h header evaluates
     to a string literal that is the SQLite version in the format "X.Y.Z"
     where X is the major version number (always 3 for SQLite3) and Y is the
     minor version number and Z is the release number.  The
     SQLITE_VERSION_NUMBER C preprocessor macro resolves to an integer with
     the value (X*1000000 + Y*1000 + Z) where X, Y, and Z are the same numbers
     used in SQLITE_VERSION.  The SQLITE_VERSION_NUMBER for any given release
     of SQLite will also be larger than the release from which it is derived.
     Either Y will be held constant and Z will be incremented or else Y will
     be incremented and Z will be reset to zero.

     Since version 3.6.18 (dateof:3.6.18), SQLite source code has been stored
     in the <a href="http://www.fossil-scm.org/">Fossil configuration
     management system</a>.  The SQLITE_SOURCE_ID macro evaluates to a string
     which identifies a particular check-in of SQLite within its configuration
     management system.  The SQLITE_SOURCE_ID string contains the date and
     time of the check-in (UTC) and an SHA1 hash of the entire source tree.

     sqlite3_version(3), SQLITE_VERSION(3)

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