Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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SQLITE_VTAB_CONSTRAINT_SUPPORT(3)                     Library Functions Manual

     SQLITE_VTAB_CONSTRAINT_SUPPORT - Virtual Table Configuration Options


     These macros define the various options to the sqlite3_vtab_config()
     interface that virtual table implementations can use to customize and
     optimize their behavior.

             are supported, where X is an integer.  If X is zero, then the
             virtual table whose xCreate or xConnect method invoked
             sqlite3_vtab_config() does not support constraints.  In this
             configuration (which is the default) if a call to the xUpdate
             method returns SQLITE_CONSTRAINT, then the entire statement is
             rolled back as if  OR ABORT had been specified as part of the
             users SQL statement, regardless of the actual ON CONFLICT mode

             If X is non-zero, then the virtual table implementation
             guarantees that if xUpdate returns SQLITE_CONSTRAINT, it will do
             so before any modifications to internal or persistent data
             structures have been made.  If the ON CONFLICT mode is ABORT,
             FAIL, IGNORE or ROLLBACK, SQLite is able to roll back a statement
             or database transaction, and abandon or continue processing the
             current SQL statement as appropriate.  If the ON CONFLICT mode is
             REPLACE and the xUpdate method returns SQLITE_CONSTRAINT, SQLite
             handles this as if the ON CONFLICT mode had been ABORT.

             Virtual table implementations that are required to handle OR
             REPLACE must do so within the xUpdate method.  If a call to the
             sqlite3_vtab_on_conflict() function indicates that the current ON
             CONFLICT policy is REPLACE, the virtual table implementation
             should silently replace the appropriate rows within the xUpdate
             callback and return SQLITE_OK.  Or, if this is not possible, it
             may return SQLITE_CONSTRAINT, in which case SQLite falls back to
             OR ABORT constraint handling.

     sqlite3_vtab_config(3), sqlite3_vtab_on_conflict(3), SQLITE_OK(3)

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