Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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ACPIVGA(4)                   Device Drivers Manual                  ACPIVGA(4)

     acpivga - ACPI Display Adapter and Output Devices

     acpivga* at acpi?
     acpiout* at acpivga?

     The acpivga driver provides generic support for brightness control and
     output switching, through ACPI video extensions.  The ACPI specification
     requires that systems containing a built-in display adapter implement
     these extensions in their ACPI BIOS.

     The driver handles brightness hotkeys and display switch hotkeys.  In
     addition, the following sysctl(8) read/write variables are provided (when
     hardware support is available):

             BIOS output switching policy.  This boolean variable controls the
             behavior of the BIOS when a display switch hotkey is pressed.
             1    the BIOS should automatically switch outputs, with no
                  interaction from acpivga.
             0    the BIOS should only notify acpivga of the desired output
                  state changes.

             Brightness level.  This integer variable typically ranges from 0
             to 100, but any integer value is accepted (the driver uses the
             closest brightness level supported by the device).

     Please note, however, that future versions of acpivga may remove these
     sysctl(8) variables without prior notice.

     acpi(4), vga(4), sysctl(8)

     Microsoft Corporation, Mobile System Displays and Windows, Version 1.2c,
     http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/archive/mobiledisplay.mspx, December 4,

     The acpivga driver appeared in NetBSD 6.0.

     Gr'egoire Sutre <gsutre@NetBSD.org>

     The acpivga driver only supports PCI/PCI-X/PCI-E display adapters.

     Many ACPI BIOSes implement only part of the ACPI video extensions.  In
     particular, display output switching via these extensions often does not
     work.  For this reason, acpivga enables hw.acpi.acpivga0.bios_switch by
     default.  If the display switch hotkey does not work with this default
     setting, try setting hw.acpi.acpivga0.bios_switch to 0.

     Brightness level should be controlled via wsconsctl(8) instead of

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