Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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ADM1026HM(4)                 Device Drivers Manual                ADM1026HM(4)

     adm1026hm - Analog Devices ADM1026 complete thermal system management

     adm1026hm* at iic0 addr 0x2e: ADM1026 hardware monitor: rev. 0x4, step.
     adm1026hm*: 8 fans, 3 temperatures, 15 voltages

     The adm1026hm driver provides support for the Analog Devices ADM1026
     hardware monitor.  The chip possesses 8 fan speed sensors, 3 temperature
     sensors, and 17 voltage sensors.  The number of each sensor type
     configured by the driver depends on the chip configuration.

     The values of the sensors are made available through the envstat(8)

           Sensor          Units    Description
           fan N           RPM      Fan 0-7
           internal        C        Internal temperature
           external N      C        External temperature 1-2
           Vbatt           mV DC    Battery voltage
           V3.3 standby    mV DC    3.3V standby voltage
           V3.3 main       mV DC    3.3V main voltage
           V5.0            mV DC    5.0V supply voltage
           V+12            mV DC    +12V supply voltage
           V-12            mV DC    -12V supply voltage
           V3.3 N          mV DC    Analog in (3.3V reference) 0-5
           V2.5 N          mV DC    Analog in (2.5V reference) 0-3

     iic(4), intro(4), envstat(8)

     The adm1026hm driver was written by Julian Coleman <jcoleman@NetBSD.org>.

     It's not possible to determine if either a sensor is not connected, or
     the monitored device is producing no output.  Therefore, unconnected
     sensors will show outputs of 0.

     The adm1026hm driver does not support checking or altering limit values,
     interrupt output, nor the built-in EEPROM.

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