Updated: 2021/Apr/14

ALTQ(4)                      Device Drivers Manual                     ALTQ(4)

     altq - alternate queuing framework

     options ALTQ
     options ALTQ_BLUE
     options ALTQ_CBQ
     options ALTQ_CDNR
     options ALTQ_FIFOQ
     options ALTQ_FLOWVALVE
     options ALTQ_HFSC
     options ALTQ_LOCALQ
     options ALTQ_PRIQ
     options ALTQ_RED
     options ALTQ_RIO
     options ALTQ_WFQ

     The altq system is a framework which provides several disciplines for
     queuing outgoing network packets.  While traffic shaping is perhaps the
     most prominent example, altq provides also other measures related to QoS.
     The framework has been integrated to the pf(4) packet filter since
     NetBSD 4.0.

     At the implementation level altq modifies the interface packet queues.
     Therefore the driver modifications described in altq(9) are required in
     order to use a certain network card with altq.


     pf(4), altq.conf(5), altqd(8), altq(9)

     Kenjiro Cho, Fitting theory into reality in the ALTQ case,
     http://www.sonycsl.co.jp/person/kjc/papers/fittingtheory.pdf, Taipei,
     Taiwan, March, 2004, Asia BSD conference.

     The altq system first appeared in March 1997 and found its home in the
     KAME project (http://www.kame.net). It was imported into NetBSD 1.6.

     Please note that you must compile pf(4) in the kernel, using the PF
     module(7) alongside altq built in the kernel will not work.

NetBSD 9.99                     March 20, 2018                     NetBSD 9.99