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AUBTFWL(4)                 Kernel Interfaces Manual                 AUBTFWL(4)

     aubtfwl -- Atheros AR3011/AR3012 Firmware Loader

     aubtfwl* at uhub?

     The aubtfwl driver manages automatic loading of firmware on the Atheros
     AR3011 and AR3012 Bluetooth chipsets.  The firmware files should be
     obtained and placed in a ubt/ directory in the search path of the
     firmload(9) kernel subsystem.  Upon attachment, the aubtfwl driver will
     load the necessary firmware files and the device will detach and reattach
     as a generic Bluetooth device using the ubt(4) driver.

     For AR3011 chipsets, you will need the ath3k-1.fw firmware file in ubt/,
     and for AR3012 chipsets, the files ar3k/AthrBT_*.dfu and ar3k/ramps_*.dfu
     in ubt/ar3k/.

     The firmware files can be obtained from the Linux firmware git repository
     at http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/firmware/linux-firmware.git.

     o   ath3k-1.fw

     o   ar3k/AthrBT_*.dfu

     o   ar3k/ramps_*.dfu

     bluetooth(4), ubt(4), uhub(4), firmload(9)

NetBSD 7.1.2                      May 9, 2013                     NetBSD 7.1.2