Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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AUDIOCFG(1)                 General Commands Manual                AUDIOCFG(1)

     audiocfg - configure default audio device

     audiocfg list [index]
     audiocfg default index
     audiocfg set index direction encoding precision channels sample_rate
     audiocfg test index

     The audiocfg utility helps maintaining the audio and mixer device

     Run with "list", it lists the available audio devices and shows the
     currently selected default audio device.

     Run with "set", it sets the hardware format.  The direction is
     represented by either of 'p' (playback) or 'r' (record), or both of them.
     This indicates the direction you want to set.  The remaining parameters
     encoding, precision, channels, and sample_rate indicate the hardware
     format you want to set.  These parameters must be selected from the
     candidates displayed by audiocfg list.

     Called with "test", it plays a tone of 2 seconds for each channel of the
     device with the index index.  Called with "default", it sets the default
     audio device to the one with the index index.

     audiocfg needs access to /dev/drvctl and write access to /dev (when used
     with "default") to work.

     /dev/audio  Symlink to default audio device.

                 Available audio devices.

                 Symlink to default audio control device.

                 Available audio control devices.

                 Used for finding the corresponding audio driver to an audio

     /dev/mixer  Symlink to default mixer device.

                 Available mixer devices.

     /dev/sound  Symlink to default audio device (for the difference to
                 /dev/audio, see audio(4)).

                 Available audio devices.

     Configure audio device 0 for playing BluRay 5.1 surround sound:
           $ audiocfg set 0 p slinear_le 16 6 48000

     Configure audio device 0 for playing CD quality audio:
           $ audiocfg set 0 p slinear_le 16 2 44100

     audioplay(1), audiorecord(1), audio(4), drvctl(8)

     The audiocfg utility first appeared in NetBSD 6.0.

     The audiocfg utility was originally written by Jared McNeill.  This
     manual page was written by Thomas Klausner.

NetBSD 10.99                     April 7, 2021                    NetBSD 10.99