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BCOPY(9)                   Kernel Developer's Manual                  BCOPY(9)

     bcopy - copy byte string

     #include <sys/systm.h>

     bcopy(const void *src, void *dst, size_t len);

     The bcopy() interface is obsolete.  Do not add new code using it.  It
     will soon be purged.  Use memcpy(9) instead.  (The bcopy() function is
     now a macro for memcpy(9).)

     The bcopy() function copies len bytes from string src to string dst.

     Unlike bcopy(3) the two strings must not overlap!  In the traditional BSD
     kernel, overlapping copies were handled by the now-purged ovbcopy()
     function.  If you need to copy overlapping data, see memmove(9).

     If len is zero, no bytes are copied.

     bcopy(3), memcpy(9), memmove(9)

NetBSD 8.0                       July 7, 2001                       NetBSD 8.0