Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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BPFJIT(4)                    Device Drivers Manual                   BPFJIT(4)

     bpfjit - Just-In-Time compiler for Berkeley Packet Filter

     options BPFJIT
     options SLJIT

     The bpfjit kernel interface adds Just-In-Time compilation of filter
     programs sent to a bpf(4) device.  Instead of being interpreted for every
     packet, these filter programs are compiled into native code and the code
     is being executed for every packet.

     The implementation of bpfjit is based on the Stack-Less Just-In-Time
     library, or sljit for short.  The library supports multiple platforms
              AMD-x86 64
              ARM 32 (ARM-v5, ARM-v7 and Thumb2 instruction sets)
              Intel-x86 32
              MIPS 32 (III, R1)
              MIPS 64 (III, R1)
              PowerPC 32
              PowerPC 64
              SPARC 32

     bpfjit supports all architectures listed above.

     bpfjit is also available as a module in modular kernels.

     The following sysctl is available when bpfjit is enabled:

     net.bpf.jit     Toggle Just-In-Time compilation of new filter programs.
                     Changing a value of this sysctl doesn't affect existing
                     filter programs.

     bpf(4), modload(8)

     sljit library: http://sljit.sourceforge.net/

     The bpfjit interface first appeared in NetBSD 7.0.

     The bpfjit code was written by Alexander Nasonov <alnsn@NetBSD.org>.

     The sljit library was written by
     Zoltan Herczeg <hzmester@freemail.hu>.

NetBSD 9.99                      July 24, 2014                     NetBSD 9.99