Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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BTHSET(1)                   General Commands Manual                  BTHSET(1)

     bthset - Bluetooth Headset utility

     bthset [-v] [-c command] [-m mixer] [-p file] [-s channel]
     bthset [-h]

     The bthset utility is used to access a Bluetooth Headset with the
     btsco(4) audio device.  It opens the mixer(4) device and creates the
     control connection to the headset, then conducts volume settings each
     way.  When bthset receives a SIGUSR1 signal, it will start sending RING
     codes to the headset until the headset button is pressed or a SIGUSR2
     signal is received.  If the headset is ringing and bthset receives a
     button press notification, the specified command (if any) is executed.

     When the server channel is specified with the -s option, instead of
     opening the control connection, bthset will listen on the channel for
     incoming connections from the Headset and register as Headset Audio
     Gateway with the local SDP server.

     The options are as follows:

     -c command
             Specify an optional command to be executed when the headset
             responds to ringing with a button press event.  This defaults to
             the contents of the BTHSET_COMMAND environment variable, if set.

     -h      Print usage message.

     -m mixer
             Specify the path to the mixer device.  This defaults to the
             contents of the BTHSET_MIXER environment variable, or /dev/mixer
             if not set.

     -p file
             Write the PID to file so that other programs can find us later.
             This defaults to the contents of the BTHSET_PIDFILE environment
             variable, if set.

     -s channel
             Register with the local SDP server as a Headset Audio Gateway and
             listen for connections on the given RFCOMM server channel.

     -v      Be verbose.


     The bthset utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.

     btsco(4), mixer(4)

     Iain Hibbert for Itronix, Inc

NetBSD 10.99                     July 26, 2006                    NetBSD 10.99