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BTHUB(4)                   Kernel Interfaces Manual                   BTHUB(4)

     bthub -- Bluetooth Remote Device Hub

     bthub* at bcsp?
     bthub* at bt3c?
     bthub* at btbc?
     bthub* at btuart?
     bthub* at sbt?
     bthub* at ubt?

     bthidev* at bthub?
     btmagic* at bthub?
     btsco* at bthub?

     The bthub device is used to attach remote Bluetooth devices to the
     system, and will attach to Bluetooth controllers as they are enabled.

     Normally, Bluetooth Remote Devices will be configured on the bthub using
     the btdevctl(8) program, which passes a proplib(3) dictionary to the
     control file /dev/bthub with the BTDEV_ATTACH and BTDEV_DETACH ioctl(2)

     The following properties are used by bthub:

     local-bdaddr   Local BD_ADDR.  This required property should be a six
                    byte data blob.

     remote-bdaddr  Remote BD_ADDR.  This required property should be a six
                    byte data blob.

     service-name   Service name.  This required property should be a string
                    indicating the service to configure, and may be one of the

                    HF   Handsfree, see btsco(4).
                    HID  Human Interface Device, see bthidev(4).
                         Headset, see btsco(4).

     Properties used by the configured device are listed in the appropriate
     device manual page.


     bluetooth(4), bthidev(4), btmagic(4), btsco(4), btdevctl(8)

     The bthub driver was written by Iain Hibbert under the sponsorship of
     Itronix, Inc. and first appeared in NetBSD 4.0.

NetBSD 7.1.2                   October 17, 2010                   NetBSD 7.1.2