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CCD.CONF(5)                   File Formats Manual                  CCD.CONF(5)

     ccd.conf -- concatenated disk driver configuration file


     The ccd.conf file defines the configuration of concatenated disk devices,
     or ccds.  It is used by ccdconfig(8) when invoked with the -C option and
     at system boot time.  For more information about the concatenated disk
     driver, see ccd(4).

     Each line of the configuration file contains arguments as per the -c
     argument to ccdconfig(8):

           ccd ileave [flags] dev [...]

     ccd        The name of the ccd.

     ileave     The interleave, expressed in units of DEV_BSIZE.

     flags      The flags for the device, which may be represented as a
                decimal number, a hexadecimal number, a comma-separated list
                of strings, or the word ``none''.

     dev [...]  The component partitions to be concatenated, which should be
                of type FS_CCD.

     A `#' is a comment, and everything to end of line is ignored.  A `\' at
     the end of a line indicates that the next line should be concatenated
     with the current.  A `\' preceding any character (other than the end of
     line) prevents that character's special meaning from taking effect.


     An example /etc/ccd.conf:

           # /etc/ccd.conf
           # Configuration file for concatenated disk devices

           # ccd           ileave  flags   component devices
           ccd0            16      none    /dev/sd2e /dev/sd3e

     ccd(4), ccdconfig(8)

     The ccd.conf configuration file first appeared in NetBSD 1.1.

NetBSD 7.1.2                     June 11, 2002                    NetBSD 7.1.2