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DAIC(4)                      Device Drivers Manual                     DAIC(4)

     daic - isdn4bsd driver for EICON.Diehl active ISDN cards

     daic0 at isa? iomem 0xd8000 irq 10

     The daic driver supports the old Diehl active cards: S, SX, SXn, SCOM and

     For a QUADRO card, the driver will detect the board type and use all four
     ports, each attached as a controller of its own to the isdn4bsd system,
     which can be listed using the daicctl utility.

     The daic driver interfaces the ISDN card to the ISDN4BSD kernel
     subsystem.  All lower layer ISDN control is handled by the card. This
     should allow you to run any national ISDN protocol delivered by
     EICON.Diehl for your card, but the driver has only been tested with the
     DSS1 protocol and some parts of the cards interface are ISDN protocol

     The daic driver is written to conform to the software interface
     documented by Diehl in their ISDN-Karten Benutzerhandbuch from 1992.

     Every active card needs its own operating software before it can work.
     You have to download this to the card before using it with isdn4bsd. Use
     the daicctl utility to do this, i.e. call daicctl -d te_etsi.sx 1 to
     download the file te_etsi.sx to controller number 1. Use daicctl -l to
     list all available controllers (and ports). You have to select the
     correct ISDN protocol file for your ISDN interface, see the Diehl
     documentation for details.

     The cards bootstrap process involves another file, which is independent
     of the card type you use and the protocol you run. It is called
     download.bin in current versions of the Diehl software distribution and
     has to be copied to the kernel compile directory under dev/microcode/daic
     and converted into a header file used when compiling the kernel by
     running make in that directory. Your kernel compile will fail and remind
     you of this if you forget to do this. Due to copyright restrictions we
     cannot distribute the driver with this file integrated. But if you own a
     card, you do have the file (or can get it from the Diehl web server).


     The driver is not yet finished.

NetBSD 8.0                     January 30, 1998                     NetBSD 8.0