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DWARF_FORMBLOCK(3)         Library Functions Manual         DWARF_FORMBLOCK(3)

     dwarf_formblock - return the value of a BLOCK attribute

     DWARF Access Library (libdwarf, -ldwarf)

     #include <libdwarf.h>

     dwarf_formblock(Dwarf_Attribute attr, Dwarf_Block **ret,
         Dwarf_Error *err);

     Function dwarf_formblock() sets the location pointed to by argument ret
     to a pointer to a Dwarf_Block structure containing the value of the
     attribute referenced by argument attr.  The form of argument attr must be
     one of DW_FORM_block, DW_FORM_block1, DW_FORM_block2 or DW_FORM_block4.

     If argument err is not NULL, it will be used to return an error
     descriptor in case of an error.

   Memory Management
     The memory area referenced by the returned pointer is managed by the
     DWARF(3) library.  The application should not attempt to free this memory
     area.  Portable code may indicate that the memory area is to be freed by
     using dwarf_dealloc(3).

     Function dwarf_formblock() returns DW_DLV_OK on success.  In case of an
     error, it returns DW_DLV_ERROR and sets argument err.

     Function dwarf_formblock() may fail with the following errors:

     [DW_DLE_ARGUMENT]            Either of arguments attr or ret was NULL.

     [DW_DLE_ATTR_FORM_BAD]       The attribute referenced by argument attr
                                  was not of a permitted kind.

     dwarf(3), dwarf_attr(3), dwarf_formflag(3), dwarf_formref(3),
     dwarf_formsdata(3), dwarf_formsig8(3), dwarf_formstring(3),
     dwarf_formudata(3), dwarf_hasattr(3)

NetBSD 8.0                       July 23, 2010                      NetBSD 8.0