Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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EBUS(4)                      Device Drivers Manual                     EBUS(4)

     EBus - introduction to SPARC EBus bus support and drivers

     ebus* at pci?

     The EBus bus is designed to provide the ability to put ISA and
     traditional Intel-style peripherals in a SPARC based system with a
     minimal amount of glue logic.  Typically, it is implemented in the PCIO
     IC from SME, which also implements a hme(4) compatible PCI network device
     (`network').  The EBus has four DMA channels, similar to the DMA seen in
     the esp(4) SCSI DMA.

     Sun Microelectronics, Peripheral Component Interconnect Input Output
     Controller, Part No.: 802-7837-01,
     http://www.sun.com/oem/products/manuals/802-7837.pdf, March 1997.

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