Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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ELF2AOUT(1)                 General Commands Manual                ELF2AOUT(1)

     elf2aout - convert a NetBSD ELF-format executable to NetBSD a.out format

     elf2aout [-Os] elf-file aout-file

     Reads a fully-linked ELF executable (such as a  linked kernel) and
     produces an equivalent a.out format executable file.

     The elf2aout utility is used to convert native NetBSD ELF binaries to
     a.out format, for compatibility with bootblocks and kernel-reading
     utilities like kvm(3), which currently expect an a.out format kernel.

     The following options are available:

     -O    Produce OMAGIC instead of ZMAGIC binaries which is the default.

     -s    Preserve the symbol table.

     elf2ecoff(1), ld(1), kvm(3), a.out(5), elf(5)

     elf2aout was originally developed for NetBSD/pmax by Ted Lemon and was
     first distributed with the pmax port of NetBSD 1.1.

     elf2aout assumes there are no multiply-referenced symbols in the input
     ELF symbol section.  It may be necessary to link with -x to avoid such
     duplicate symbols.

     In some environments, the GNU binutils objcopy(1) utility may be a better
     solution than elf2aout.

NetBSD 9.99                   September 30, 1996                   NetBSD 9.99