Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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ELF_GETARSYM(3)            Library Functions Manual            ELF_GETARSYM(3)

     elf_getarsym - retrieve the symbol table of an archive

     ELF Access Library (libelf, -lelf)

     #include <libelf.h>

     Elf_Arsym *
     elf_getarsym(Elf *elf, size_t *ptr);

     The function elf_getarsym() retrieves the symbol table for an ar(1)
     archive, if one is available.

     Argument elf should be a descriptor for an ar(1) archive opened using
     elf_begin() or elf_memory().

     If the archive elf contains a symbol table with n entries, this function
     returns a pointer to an array of n+1 Elf_Arsym structures.  An Elf_Arsym
     structure has the following elements:
     char * as_name
             This structure member is a pointer to a null-terminated symbol
     off_t as_off
             This structure member contains the byte offset from the beginning
             of the archive to the header for the archive member.  This value
             is suitable for use with elf_rand(3).
     unsigned long as_hash
             This structure member contains a portable hash value for the
             symbol name, as computed by elf_hash(3).

     The last entry of the returned array will have a NULL value for member
     as_name, a zero value for member as_off and an illegal value of ~0UL for

     If argument ptr is non-null, the elf_getarsym() function will store the
     number of table entries returned (including the sentinel entry at the
     end) into the location it points to.

     Function elf_getarsym() returns a pointer to an array of Elf_Arsym
     structures if successful, or a NULL pointer if an error was encountered.

     If argument ptr is non-null and there was no error, the library will
     store the number of archive symbol entries returned into the location it
     points to.  If argument ptr is non-null and an error was encountered, the
     library will set the location pointed to by it to zero.

     Function elf_getarsym() may fail with the following errors:

     [ELF_E_ARGUMENT]  Argument elf was NULL.

     [ELF_E_ARGUMENT]  Argument elf was not a descriptor for an ar(1) archive.

     elf(3), elf_begin(3), elf_getarhdr(3), elf_hash(3), elf_memory(3),
     elf_next(3), elf_rand(3)

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