Updated: 2021/Apr/14

evbuffer_ptr(3)            Library Functions Manual            evbuffer_ptr(3)

       evbuffer_ptr - Pointer to a position within an evbuffer.

       #include <buffer.h>

   Data Fields
       struct {
          void * chain
          size_t pos_in_chain
       } internal_
       ev_ssize_t pos

Detailed Description
       Pointer to a position within an evbuffer.

       Used when repeatedly searching through a buffer. Calling any function
       that modifies or re-packs the buffer contents may invalidate all
       evbuffer_ptrs for that buffer. Do not modify or contruct these values
       except with evbuffer_ptr_set.

       An evbuffer_ptr can represent any position from the start of a buffer
       up to a position immediately after the end of a buffer.

       See also:

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