Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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FORMS(3)                   Library Functions Manual                   FORMS(3)

     free_fieldtype, link_fieldtype, new_fieldtype, set_fieldtype_arg,
     set_fieldtype_choice - form library

     Curses Form Library (libform, -lform)

     #include <form.h>

     free_fieldtype(FIELDTYPE *fieldtype);

     link_fieldtype(FIELDTYPE *type1, FIELDTYPE *type2);

     new_fieldtype(int (*field_check)(FIELD *, char *),
         int (*char_check)(int, char *));

     set_fieldtype_arg(FIELDTYPE *fieldtype, char * (*make_args)(va_list *),
         char * (*copy_args)(char *), void (*free_args)(char *));

     set_fieldtype_choice(FIELDTYPE *fieldtype,
         int (*next_choice)(FIELD *, char *),
         int (*prev_choice)(FIELD *, char *));

     The function free_fieldtype() frees the storage associated with the field
     type and destroys it.  The function link_fieldtype() links together the
     two given field types to produce a new field type.  A new field type can
     be created by calling new_fieldtype() which requires pointers to two
     functions which perform validation, the field_check function must
     validate the field contents and return TRUE if they are acceptable and
     FALSE if they are not.  The char_check validates the character input into
     the field, this function will be called for each character entered, if
     the character can be entered into the field then char_check must return
     TRUE.  Neither field_check nor char_check may be NULL.  The functions for
     handling the field type arguments can be defined by using the
     set_fieldtype_arg() function, the make_args function is used to create
     new arguments for the fieldtype, the copy_args is used to copy the
     fieldtype arguments to a new arguments structure and free_args is used to
     destroy the fieldtype arguments and release any associated storage, none
     of these function pointers may be NULL.  The field type choice functions
     can be set by calling set_fieldtype_choice(), the next_choice and
     prev_choice specify the next and previous choice functions for the field
     type.  These functions must perform the necessary actions to select the
     next or previous choice for the field, updating the field buffer if
     necessary.  The choice functions must return TRUE if the function
     succeeded and FALSE otherwise.

     Functions returning pointers will return NULL if an error is detected.
     The functions that return an int will return one of the following error

     E_OK               The function was successful.
     E_BAD_ARGUMENT     The function was passed a bad argument.
     E_CONNECTED        The field is connected to a form.

     curses(3), forms(3)

     The header <form.h> automatically includes both <curses.h> and <eti.h>.

NetBSD 10.99                    January 1, 2001                   NetBSD 10.99