Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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FSCK_MSDOS(8)               System Manager's Manual              FSCK_MSDOS(8)

     fsck_msdos - DOS/Windows (FAT) filesystem consistency checker

     fsck_msdos -p [-f] filesystem ...
     fsck_msdos [-fny] [-x snap-backup] filesystem ...

     The fsck_msdos utility verifies and repairs FAT filesystems (more
     commonly known as DOS filesystems).

     The first form of fsck_msdos preens the specified filesystems.  It is
     normally started by fsck(8) run from /etc/rc during automatic reboot,
     when a FAT filesystem is detected.  When preening file systems,
     fsck_msdos will fix common inconsistencies non-interactively.  If more
     serious problems are found, fsck_msdos does not try to fix them,
     indicates that it was not successful, and exits.

     The second form of fsck_msdos checks the specified file systems and tries
     to repair all detected inconsistencies, requesting confirmation before
     making any changes.

     The options are as follows:

     -f                This option is ignored by fsck_msdos, and is present
                       only for compatibility with programs that check other
                       file system types for consistency, such as fsck_ffs(8).

     -n                Causes fsck_msdos to assume no as the answer to all
                       operator questions, except "CONTINUE?".

     -p                Preen the specified filesystems.

     -x snap-backup    Use a snapshot with snap-backup as backup to check a
                       read-write mounted filesystem.  Must be used with -n.
                       See fss(4) for more details.  The point is to check an
                       internally-consistent version of the filesystem to find
                       out if it is damaged; on failure one should unmount the
                       filesystem and repair it.

     -y                Causes fsck_msdos to assume yes as the answer to all
                       operator questions.

     fss(4), fsck(8), fsck_ffs(8), mount_msdos(8)

     A fsck_msdos utility appeared in NetBSD 1.2.

     fsck_msdos is still under construction.

NetBSD 9.99                   September 11, 2016                   NetBSD 9.99