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GROFF_MOM(7)           Miscellaneous Information Manual           GROFF_MOM(7)

       groff_mom - groff `mom' macros

       groff -mom [ files... ]
       groff -m mom [ files... ]

       mom (``my own macros'', ``my other macros'', ``maximum overdrive
       macros'', ...) is a macro set for groff, designed primarily to format
       documents for PostScript output.

       mom provides two categories of macros: macros for typesetting and
       macros for document processing.  The typesetting macros provide access
       to groff's typesetting power in ways that are simpler to master and to
       use than groff's primitives.  The document processing macros provide
       customizable markup ``tags'' that allow the user to design and output
       professional-looking documents with a minimum of typesetting

       mom comes with her own (very) complete documentation in HTML format.

              - the main macro file mom.tmac - a wrapper file that calls
              om.tmac directly.

       - entry point to the HTML documentation

              - example files using mom

       mom was written by Please send bug reports to the or directly to the
       author, either at the address above or to

Groff Version 1.19.2           February 6, 2006                   GROFF_MOM(7)