Updated: 2021/Apr/14

HALS_END(6)                      Games Manual                      HALS_END(6)

     hals_end - Display HAL's last words on the console

     hals_end [-f]

     hals_end displays the famous last words of the supercomputer HAL 9000
     aboard the space-ship in Stanley Kubrick's movie "2001 - A Space


     -f      Fast forward.  Every movie can be played back with fast forward.
             This option will double the speed of the output.

     hals_end first appeared in the book "Total Interaction" (ISBN
     978-3-7643-7076-3) where its source code and output illustrates the
     article "Remembering the Future: Memory and Interaction" by Dr. Regine
     Halter.  The source code was set in contrast to the graphical artwork
     "HAL's lifespace" by Catherine Walthard.  "HAL's Lifespace" and
     "hals_end" were respectively designed and written for this article.

     hals_end was written by Marc Balmer <marc@msys.ch>.

     Unlike the real HAL, this program can be repeatedly run.  There should be
     functionality in the program to destroy itself after one run.  The
     rationale for not doing this right now is that the movie itself can be
     watched several times as well.

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