Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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HVN(4)                       Device Drivers Manual                      HVN(4)

     hvn - Hyper-V networking interface

     hvn* at vmbus?

     The hvn driver provides support for a Network Virtual Service Client
     (NetVSC), a virtual networking interface that relays device requests to
     the Virtual Service Provider (VSP) in the management operating system via
     the VMBus.

     NetVSC emulates an RNDIS 1.0 compliant device on top of a custom NVS
     protocol operating over the VMBus channel ring.

     Individual networking interfaces can be renamed by issuing a
     Rename-VMNetworkAdapter PowerShell command in the management domain.  In
     order to enable sending and receiving of IEEE 802.1q (VLAN) frames, the
     virtual port needs to be put into Trunk mode with the
     Set-VMNetworkAdapterVlan command.

     arp(4), netintro(4), vlan(4), ifconfig(8)

     The hvn driver first appeared in OpenBSD 6.1 and appeared in NetBSD 8.0.

     The hvn driver was written by Mike Belopuhov <mikeb@openbsd.org> based on
     the FreeBSD driver by the Microsoft BSD Integration Services Team
     <bsdic@microsoft.com> and ported to NetBSD by
     NONAKA Kimihiro.

NetBSD 9.99                    October 12, 2021                    NetBSD 9.99