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IEEE80211_CRYPTO(9)        Kernel Developer's Manual       IEEE80211_CRYPTO(9)

     ieee80211_crypto_attach, ieee80211_crypto_detach, ieee80211_crypto_encap
     - 802.11 WEP encryption functions

     ieee80211_crypto_attach(struct ieee80211com *ic);

     ieee80211_crypto_detach(struct ieee80211com *ic);

     struct ieee80211_key *
     ieee80211_crypto_encap(struct ieee80211com *ic,
         struct ieee80211_node *ni, struct mbuf *m0);

     These functions provide encryption support for 802.11 device drivers.

     The ieee80211_crypto_attach() function initializes crypto support for the
     interface ic.  The default is null crypto.

     The ieee80211_crypto_detach() function frees data structures associated
     with crypto support for the interface ic.

     The two above functions are automatically called by the interface attach
     and detach routines, respectively.

     The ieee80211_crypto_encap() function encapsulates the packet supplied in
     mbuf m0, with the crypto headers given the for node ni.  Software
     encryption is possibly performed.  In case of no specified key for ni or
     multicast traffic, the default key for the interface ic is used for
     encapsulation.  The key is returned in the case of successful
     encapsulation, otherwise NULL is returned.


     The ieee80211 series of functions first appeared in NetBSD 1.5, and were
     later ported to FreeBSD 4.6.

     This man page was written by Bruce M. Simpson <bms@FreeBSD.org> and
     Darron Broad <darron@kewl.org>.

NetBSD 8.99.34                September 12, 2006                NetBSD 8.99.34