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ISDND.ACCT(5)                 File Formats Manual                ISDND.ACCT(5)

     isdnd.acct - isdn4bsd ISDN management daemon accounting file format

     The file isdnd.acct contains accounting information which is written if
     the variable useacctfile in the isdnd(8) configuration file isdnd.rc(5)
     is set to on and charging information transmission has been subscribed
     for the ISDN connection (AOCD or AOCE).

     If the variable acctall is set to on, accounting information is written
     even if the local site was not charged or no charging information is
     available or is not subscribed.

     The general format of an accounting line is as follows:


     FROM is the time the connection was established in the format
           Day.Month.Year Hour:Minutes:seconds

     UNTIL is the time the connection was closed.  The format is the same as
     described for FROM above.

     NAME is the symbolic name got from the name entry of the isdnd.rc(5)
     config file for this connection.

     UNITS is the amount of charging units billed for the connection.

     SECONDS is the number of seconds the connection lasted.

     INBYTES and OUTBYTES is the (optional) number of bytes that were

     /var/log/isdnd.acct  The default accounting information file for the
                          isdnd ISDN daemon.

     This is a typical accounting line:

           12.06.97 10:41:37 - 12.06.97 10:45:18 GROGGY 2 (65) (4711/1147)

     isdnd.rc(5), isdnd(8)

     The isdnd(8) daemon and this manual page were written by Hellmuth
     Michaelis <hm@kts.org>.

NetBSD 8.0                    September 11, 1998                    NetBSD 8.0