Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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MCPGPIO(4)                   Device Drivers Manual                  MCPGPIO(4)

     mcpgpio - Driver for Microchip I/O Expanders on I2C and SPI bus

     mcpgpio* at iic? addr ?
     gpio* at gpiobus?

     mcpgpio0 at spi? slave 0 flags 0
     mcpgpio1 at spi? slave 0 flags 1
     mcpgpio2 at spi? slave 0 flags 2
     mcpgpio3 at spi? slave 0 flags 3
     gpio* at gpiobus?

     The mcpgpio driver supports the following Microchip I/O Expanders:

     MCP23008  8-bit I/O expander, I2C interface

     MCP23S08  8-bit I/O expander, SPI interface

     MCP23017  16-bit I/O expander, I2C interface

     MCP23S17  16-bit I/O expander, SPI interface

     MCP23018  16-bit I/O expander, open-drain outputs, I2C interface

     MCP23S18  16-bit I/O expander, open-drain outputs, SPI interface

     Access to the pins is provided by the gpio(4) interface.

     The SPI version of these devices support multiple chips per chip select
     signal.  On the MCP23S08 and MCP23S17, this is achieved by tying the
     address select pins to VDD or GND to select an address (0-3 on MCP23S08
     or 0-7 on MCP23S17).  The MCP23S18 has a similar capability, but uses an
     analog voltage input on a single address select pin, along with an
     internal voltage divider ladder and a series of comparators to generate
     the 3 address bits; see the data sheet for details.  The flags argument
     in the configuration directive for SPI attachments selects the hardware
     address of the chip instance for that driver instance.

     gpio(4), iic(4), intro(4), spi(4)

     The mcpgpio driver first appeared in NetBSD 7.0.  It was overhauled in
     NetBSD 10.0 to support additional chip types and to add the I2C

     The mcpgpio driver was written by Frank Kardel <kardel@NetBSD.org> and
     Jason R. Thorpe <thorpej@NetBSD.org>.

     SPI instances of the mcpgpio driver do not utilize the Device Tree
     bindings for this device.

     The mcpgpio driver does not currently act as a GPIO provider for the
     platform device tree.

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