Updated: 2021/Apr/14

MOUNT_NILFS(8)              System Manager's Manual             MOUNT_NILFS(8)

     mount_nilfs - mount a NILFS file system

     mount_nilfs [-c checkpoint] [-o options] [-t gmtoff] special node

     NILFS is a log-structured file system designed to support fast writing,
     fast recovery times, live snapshots, concurrent read-only snapshot
     mounts, and live file system resizing.  Its inodes are managed using B-

     The mount_nilfs command attaches the NILFS file system residing on the
     specified special device node on the location indicated with node.

     -c checkpoint
                 Select the checkpoint number checkpoint to be mounted instead
                 of the default last one.

     -o options  Use the specified mount options as specified in mount(8).

     -t gmtoff   Set the time zone offset (in seconds) from UTC to gmtoff,
                 with positive values indicating east of the Prime Meridian.
                 If not set, the user's current time zone will be used.

     mount(2), vnd(4), fstab(5), mount(8), mount_lfs(8), umount(8),

     NILFS is a file system developped by NTT and released in 2005 for Linux.
     Version 2 is available since 2009.  This cleanroom implementation was
     written by Reinoud Zandijk for NetBSD in 2009, and has first been
     released as part of NetBSD 6.

     This implementation of NILFS was written by Reinoud Zandijk.

     This implementation currently only supports read-only operation.  See
     mount_lfs(8) for an older log-structured file system with write support.
     Also see wapbl(4) and mount(8) for fast journal-based recovery using FFS.

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