Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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NAMED-CHECKCONF(8)                  BIND 9                  NAMED-CHECKCONF(8)

       named-checkconf - named configuration file syntax checking tool

       named-checkconf [-chjlvz] [-p [-x ]] [-t directory] {filename}

       named-checkconf checks the syntax, but not the semantics, of a named
       configuration file. The file, along with all files included by it, is
       parsed and checked for syntax errors. If no file is specified,
       /etc/named.conf is read by default.

       Note: files that named reads in separate parser contexts, such as
       rndc.key and bind.keys, are not automatically read by named-checkconf.
       Configuration errors in these files may cause named to fail to run,
       even if named-checkconf was successful.  However, named-checkconf can
       be run on these files explicitly.


       -h     This option prints the usage summary and exits.

       -j     When loading a zonefile, this option instructs named to read the
              journal if it exists.

       -l     This option lists all the configured zones. Each line of output
              contains the zone name, class (e.g. IN), view, and type (e.g.
              primary or secondary).

       -c     This option specifies that only the "core" configuration should
              be checked. This suppresses the loading of plugin modules, and
              causes all parameters to plugin statements to be ignored.

       -i     This option ignores warnings on deprecated options.

       -p     This option prints out the named.conf and included files in
              canonical form if no errors were detected. See also the -x

       -t directory
              This option instructs named to chroot to directory, so that
              include directives in the configuration file are processed as if
              run by a similarly chrooted named.

       -v     This option prints the version of the named-checkconf program
              and exits.

       -x     When printing the configuration files in canonical form, this
              option obscures shared secrets by replacing them with strings of
              question marks (?). This allows the contents of named.conf and
              related files to be shared - for example, when submitting bug
              reports - without compromising private data. This option cannot
              be used without -p.

       -z     This option performs a test load of all zones of type primary
              found in named.conf.

              This indicates the name of the configuration file to be checked.
              If not specified, it defaults to /etc/named.conf.

       named-checkconf returns an exit status of 1 if errors were detected and
       0 otherwise.

       named(8), named-checkzone(8), BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual.

       Internet Systems Consortium

       2022, Internet Systems Consortium

9.16.33                                                     NAMED-CHECKCONF(8)