Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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NVMECTL(8)                  System Manager's Manual                 NVMECTL(8)

     nvmectl - NVM Express control utility

     nvmectl devlist
     nvmectl identify [-x [-v]] device_id
     nvmectl logpage [-x] [-p page_id] [-v vendor-string] [-b]
     nvmectl power [-l] [-s] [-p power_state] [-w workload_hint] device_id
     nvmectl wdc cap-diag [-o -path_template] device_id

     NVM Express (NVMe) is a storage protocol standard, for SSDs and other
     high-speed storage devices over PCI Express.

     The power command controls the supported power states.  -l will list
     supported power states.  -p will set the power state to specified value.
     -w will set workload value.  With -s, the specified power state and
     workload value is saved, so it persists any autonomous transitions and
     resets.  Support for saving the values is optional, and depends on the

     The logpage command knows how to print log pages of various types.  It
     also knows about vendor specific log pages from hgst/wdc and intel.  Page
     0xc1 for hgst/wdc contains the advanced smart information about the
     drive.  Page 0xc1 is read latency stats for intel.  Page 0xc2 is write
     latency stats for intel.  Page 0xc5 is temperature stats for intel.  Page
     0xca is advanced smart information for intel.

     Specifying -p help will list all valid vendors and pages.  -x will print
     the page as hex.  -b will print the binary data for the page.

     The various wdc commands retrieve log data from the wdc/hgst drives.  The
     -o flag specifies a path template to use to output the files.  Each file
     takes the path template (which defaults to nothing), appends the drive's
     serial number and the type of dump it is followed by .bin.  These logs
     must be sent to the vendor for analysis.  This tool only provides a way
     to extract them.

           nvmectl devlist

     Display a list of NVMe controllers and namespaces along with their device

           nvmectl identify nvme0

     Display a human-readable summary of the nvme0 IDENTIFY_CONTROLLER data.

           nvmectl identify -x -v nvme0ns1

     Display an hexadecimal dump of the nvme0 IDENTIFY_NAMESPACE data for
     namespace 1.

           nvmectl logpage -p 1 nvme0

     Display a human-readable summary of the nvme0 controller's Error
     Information Log.  Log pages defined by the NVMe specification include
     Error Information Log (ID=1), SMART/Health Information Log (ID=2), and
     Firmware Slot Log (ID=3).

           nvmectl logpage -p 0xc1 -v wdc nvme0

     Display a human-readable summary of the nvme0's wdc-specific advanced
     SMART data.

           nvmectl logpage -p 1 -x nvme0

     Display a hexadecimal dump of the nvme0 controller's Error Information

           nvmectl logpage -p 0xcb -b nvme0 > /tmp/page-cb.bin

     Print the contents of vendor specific page 0xcb as binary data on
     standard out.  Redirect it to a temporary file.

           nvmectl power -l nvme0

     List all the current power modes.

           nvmectl power -p 3 nvme0

     Set the current power mode.

           nvmectl power nvme0

     Get the current power mode.

     The nvmecontrol utility appeared in FreeBSD 9.2.

     nvmecontrol was developed by Intel and originally written by Jim Harris

     This man page was written by Jim Harris <jimharris@FreeBSD.org>.

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