Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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OFCTL(8)                    System Manager's Manual                   OFCTL(8)

     ofctl - display the OpenPROM or OpenFirmware device tree

     ofctl [-lpv] [-f file] [-r propfile] [-w propfile] [node]

     ofctl provides an interface for displaying the OpenPROM or OpenFirmware
     device tree and node properties.  The ofctl program is only installed on
     supported platforms.

     Without any arguments, ofctl will dump the full tree.  When given the
     name of a specific node, ofctl will display that node and its child

     The options are as follows:

           -f file       On systems with OpenPROM, use file instead of the
                         default /dev/openprom.  On systems with OpenFirmware,
                         use file instead of the default /dev/openfirm.

           -l            Dump a partial tree starting from node.

           -p            Display each node's properties.

           -r propfile   Instead of reading from the openprom or openfirm
                         device, use the proplib file propfile as input.  See
                         also -w.

           -v            Display the full path name for each node.

           -w propfile   Write the device tree to the proplib file propfile.
                         See also -r.

     /dev/openprom   The openprom device on systems with OpenPROM.

     /dev/openfirm   The openfirm device on systems with OpenFirmware.


NetBSD 9.99                      May 28, 2018                      NetBSD 9.99