Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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OSSL_STORE(7)                       OpenSSL                      OSSL_STORE(7)

       ossl_store - Store retrieval functions

       libcrypto, -lcrypto

       #include <openssl/store.h>

       A STORE is a layer of functionality to retrieve a number of supported
       objects from a repository of any kind, addressable as a filename or as
       a URI.

       The functionality supports the pattern "open a channel to the
       repository", "loop and retrieve one object at a time", and "finish up
       by closing the channel".

       The retrieved objects are returned as a wrapper type OSSL_STORE_INFO,
       from which an OpenSSL type can be retrieved.

   URI schemes and loaders
       Support for a URI scheme is called a STORE "loader", and can be added
       dynamically from the calling application or from a loadable engine.

       Support for the 'file' scheme is built into "libcrypto".  See
       ossl_store-file(7) for more information.

   UI_METHOD and pass phrases
       The OSS_STORE API does nothing to enforce any specific format or
       encoding on the pass phrase that the UI_METHOD provides.  However, the
       pass phrase is expected to be UTF-8 encoded.  The result of any other
       encoding is undefined.

   A generic call
        OSSL_STORE_CTX *ctx = OSSL_STORE_open("file:/foo/bar/data.pem");

         * OSSL_STORE_eof() simulates file semantics for any repository to signal
         * that no more data can be expected
        while (!OSSL_STORE_eof(ctx)) {
            OSSL_STORE_INFO *info = OSSL_STORE_load(ctx);

             * Do whatever is necessary with the OSSL_STORE_INFO,
             * here just one example
            switch (OSSL_STORE_INFO_get_type(info)) {
            case OSSL_STORE_INFO_CERT:
                /* Print the X.509 certificate text */
                X509_print_fp(stdout, OSSL_STORE_INFO_get0_CERT(info));
                /* Print the X.509 certificate PEM output */
                PEM_write_X509(stdout, OSSL_STORE_INFO_get0_CERT(info));


       OSSL_STORE_expect(3), OSSL_STORE_SEARCH(3)

       Copyright 2016-2021 The OpenSSL Project Authors. All Rights Reserved.

       Licensed under the Apache License 2.0 (the "License").  You may not use
       this file except in compliance with the License.  You can obtain a copy
       in the file LICENSE in the source distribution or at

3.0.12                            2023-05-07                     OSSL_STORE(7)