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PASSWD.CONF(5)                File Formats Manual               PASSWD.CONF(5)

     passwd.conf -- password encryption configuration file


     The /etc/passwd.conf file, consisting of ``stanzas'', describes the
     configuration of the password cipher used to encrypt local or YP

     There are default, user and group specific stanzas.  If no user or group
     stanza to a specific option is available, the default stanza is used.

     To differentiate between user and group stanzas, groups are prefixed with
     a single colon (`:').

     Some fields and their possible values that can appear in this file are:

     localcipher  The cipher to use for local passwords.

                  Possible values are: ``old'', ``newsalt,<rounds>'', ``md5'',
                  ``sha1,<rounds>'', and ``blowfish,<rounds>''.  For
                  ``newsalt'' the value of rounds is a 24-bit integer with a
                  minimum of 7250 rounds.  For ``sha1'' the value of rounds is
                  a 32-bit integer, 0 means use the default of 24680.  For
                  ``blowfish'' the value can be between 4 and 31.  It
                  specifies the base 2 logarithm of the number of rounds.

                  If not specified, the default value is ``old''.

     ypcipher     The cipher to use for YP passwords.

                  The possible values are the same as for localcipher.

                  If not specified, the default value is ``old''.

     To retrieve information from this file use pw_getconf(3).


     Use SHA1 as the local cipher and old-style DES as the YP cipher.  Use
     blowfish with 2^5 rounds for root:

           localcipher = sha1
           ypcipher = old

           localcipher = blowfish,5

     passwd(1), pwhash(1), pw_getconf(3), passwd(5)

     The passwd.conf configuration file first appeared in NetBSD 1.6.

     The default value of localcipher was set to ``sha1'' in /etc/passwd.conf
     starting from NetBSD 6.0.

NetBSD 7.1.2                   December 3, 2010                   NetBSD 7.1.2