Updated: 2021/Apr/14

PASSWD.CONF(5)                File Formats Manual               PASSWD.CONF(5)

     passwd.conf - password encryption configuration file


     The /etc/passwd.conf file, consisting of "stanzas", describes the
     configuration of the password cipher used to encrypt local or YP

     There are default, user and group specific stanzas.  If no user or group
     stanza to a specific option is available, the default stanza is used.

     To differentiate between user and group stanzas, groups are prefixed with
     a single colon (`:').

     Some fields and their possible values that can appear in this file are:

     localcipher  The cipher to use for local passwords.

                  Possible values are: "old", "newsalt,<rounds>", "md5",
                  "sha1,<rounds>", and "blowfish,<rounds>".  For "newsalt" the
                  value of rounds is a 24-bit integer with a minimum of 7250
                  rounds.  For "sha1" the value of rounds is a 32-bit integer,
                  0 means use the default of 24680.  For "blowfish" the value
                  can be between 4 and 31.  It specifies the base 2 logarithm
                  of the number of rounds.

                  If not specified, the default value is "old".

     ypcipher     The cipher to use for YP passwords.

                  The possible values are the same as for localcipher.

                  If not specified, the default value is "old".

     To retrieve information from this file use pw_getconf(3).


     Use SHA1 as the local cipher and old-style DES as the YP cipher.  Use
     blowfish with 2^5 rounds for root:

           localcipher = sha1
           ypcipher = old

           localcipher = blowfish,5

     passwd(1), pwhash(1), pw_getconf(3), passwd(5)

     The passwd.conf configuration file first appeared in NetBSD 1.6.

     The default value of localcipher was set to "sha1" in /etc/passwd.conf
     starting from NetBSD 6.0.

NetBSD 9.99                    December 3, 2010                    NetBSD 9.99