Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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PCAP_FILE(3)               Library Functions Manual               PCAP_FILE(3)

       pcap_file - get the standard I/O stream for a savefile being read

       #include <pcap/pcap.h>

       FILE *pcap_file(pcap_t *p);

       pcap_file() returns the standard I/O stream of the ``savefile,'' if a
       ``savefile'' was opened with pcap_open_offline(3), or NULL, if a
       network device was opened with pcap_create(3) and pcap_activate(3), or
       with pcap_open_live(3).

       Note that the Packet Capture library is usually built with large file
       support, so the standard I/O stream of the ``savefile'' might refer to
       a file larger than 2 gigabytes; applications that use pcap_file()
       should, if possible, use calls that support large files on the return
       value of pcap_file() or the value returned by fileno(3) when passed the
       return value of pcap_file().


                                3 January 2014                    PCAP_FILE(3)