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PCAP_FILENO(3)             Library Functions Manual             PCAP_FILENO(3)

       pcap_fileno - get the file descriptor for a live capture

       #include <pcap/pcap.h>

       int pcap_fileno(pcap_t *p);

       If p refers to a network device that was opened for a live capture
       using a combination of pcap_create() and pcap_activate(), or using
       pcap_open_live(), pcap_fileno() returns the file descriptor from which
       captured packets are read.

       If p refers to a ``savefile'' that was opened using functions such as
       pcap_open_offline() or pcap_fopen_offline(), a ``dead'' pcap_t opened
       using pcap_open_dead(), or a pcap_t that was created with pcap_create()
       but that has not yet been activated with pcap_activate(), it returns

       pcap(3), pcap_create(3), pcap_activate(3), pcap_open_live(3),
       pcap_open_offline(3), pcap_fopen_offline(3), pcap_open_dead(3)

                                 7 April 2014                   PCAP_FILENO(3)