Updated: 2021/Apr/14

PERFUSED(8)                 System Manager's Manual                PERFUSED(8)

     perfused - PUFFS Enabled Relay to FUSE Daemon

     perfused [-fs] [-d types] [-i -fd]

     perfused is a userland daemon implementing the FUSE kernel level API.  It
     creates a /dev/fuse socket for FUSE file system daemons to connect to.
     perfused takes care of mounting the file system using puffs(3).

     When the kernel sends a puffs(3) operation for the mounted file system,
     perfused will translate it into a FUSE request, and will send it to the
     file system daemon through /dev/fuse.  The FUSE reply will be converted
     back into a puffs(3) reply and will be relayed to the kernel.

     FUSE file system daemons must be modified so that they request perfused
     to perform the mount(2) system call instead of doing it on their own.
     This is done by replacing mount(2) and the open(2) calls for /dev/fuse
     with perfuse_mount() and perfuse_open(), respectively, in their sources.
     libperfuse(3) must be used at link time.  Most FUSE file system daemons
     use libfuse and will work unmodified, provided the modification is done
     in libfuse itself.

     The following options are available:

     -d types    Print additional debug information.  types is a comma-
                 separated list of information types to print:

                 puffs   Display PUFFS requests and replies.

                 fuse    Display FUSE requests and replies.

                 dump    Dump content of FUSE frames.

                 fh      Display file handle activity.

                         Display reclaim activity.

                         Display readdir activity.

                         Display requeue activity.

                 sync    Display dirty flags and sync operations.

     -f          Do not fork, but stay in the foreground.

     -i fd       Do not open /dev/fuse but use the socket available from the
                 file descriptor fd.  This is used when perfused is started
                 from libperfuse(3).

     -s          Enable debug output only when receiving SIGINFO.

     See libperfuse(3) for environment variables affecting perfused behavior.

             If the -s flag was used, toggle debug output.  Do nothing

             Toggle FUSE operation dump on and off.  When toggling off, the
             trace is is stored in /var/run/perfuse-xxx.trace (xxx is the
             filesystem mount point).

     The program logs to the syslog daemon as facility "daemon".  For detailed
     debugging use the -d (debug) option.

     mount(2), perfuse_mount(3), puffs(4)

     The program was written by Emmanuel Dreyfus <manu@NetBSD.org>.

     When perfused runs in the foreground (using the -f flag), some processes
     using the FUSE file system will sometimes hang on `uvn_fp2'.

NetBSD 9.99                    January 29, 2012                    NetBSD 9.99