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PVCSIF(8)                   System Manager's Manual                  PVCSIF(8)

     pvcsif - configure ATM PVC sub interfaces

     pvcsif interface [-s]
     pvcsif -a

     pvcsif creates a sub interface for an ATM PVC.  A sub interface pvc(4) is
     dynamically created.  The created interface is bound to interface but at
     this point no VC is assigned.  To assign a VC, pvctxctl(8) should be used

     A PVC sub interface is intended to use an ATM PVC as an alternative
     serial connection, and to be allocated per PVC basis.  A PVC sub
     interface looks as a point-to-point interface and is multicast capable,
     as opposed to the NBMA (NonBroadcast Multiple Access) model that requires
     a MARS server.  A point-to-point interface is useful to run MBone or
     protocols requiring multicast, such as RSVP and IPv6, over a PVC WAN

     Note that a sub interface is not a full-fledged interface but just an
     indirect reference to the real interface.

     The options are as follows:

     -s          For use with a shell, it prints the created interface name.

     -a          Lists the existing sub interfaces.

     en(4), pvc(4), ifconfig(8), pvctxctl(8)

     Currently, there is no way to remove a sub interface.

NetBSD 8.0                     December 29, 1997                    NetBSD 8.0