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RDATE(8)                    System Manager's Manual                   RDATE(8)

     rdate - set the system's date from a remote host

     rdate [-psa] host

     rdate displays and sets the local date and time from the host name or
     address given as the argument. It uses the RFC 868 protocol which is
     usually implemented as a built-in service of inetd(8).

     Available options:

     -p      Do not set, just print the remote time

     -s      Do not print the time.

     -a      Use the adjtime(2) call to gradually skew the local time to the
             remote time rather than just hopping.

     /var/log/wtmp  A record of date resets and time changes.

     adjtime(2), gettimeofday(2), utmp(5), inetd(8)

NetBSD 8.0                      April 30, 1994                      NetBSD 8.0