Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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RESIZE_LFS(8)               System Manager's Manual              RESIZE_LFS(8)

     resize_lfs - resize a mounted log-structured filesystem

     resize_lfs [-v] [-s new-size] mounted-file-system

     resize_lfs grows or shrinks a mounted log-structured filesystem to the
     specified size.  mounted-file-system is the name of the filesystem to be
     resized, and new-size is the desired new filesystem size, in sectors.  If
     new-size is not specified, resize_lfs will default to the current size of
     the partition containing the filesystem in question.

     When growing, the partition must be large enough to contain a filesystem
     of the specified size; when shrinking, resize_lfs must first "clean" the
     segments that will be invalid when the filesystem is shrunk.  If this
     cleaning process results in these segments becoming redirtied, this
     indicates that the given new size is not large enough to contain the
     existing filesystem data, and resize_lfs will return an error.

     To resize the file system mounted at /home to 32576 sectors:
           resize_lfs -s 32576 /home

     fsck_lfs(8), lfs_cleanerd(8), newfs_lfs(8)

     The resize_lfs command first appeared in NetBSD 3.0.

     Konrad Schroder <perseant@NetBSD.org>

     resize_lfs should be able to resize an unmounted filesystem as well.

NetBSD 9.99                    September 4, 2006                   NetBSD 9.99