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RPC.RWALLD(8)               System Manager's Manual              RPC.RWALLD(8)

     rpc.rwalld, rwalld - write messages to users currently logged in server


     rpc.rwalld is a server which will send a message to users currently
     logged in to the system.  This server invokes the wall(1) command to
     actually write the messages to the system.

     Messages are sent to this server by the rwall(1) command.  The rpc.rwalld
     daemon is normally invoked by inetd(8).

     rpc.rwalld uses an RPC protocol defined in /usr/include/rpcsvc/rwall.x.

     rwall(1), wall(1), inetd(8)

NetBSD 8.99.34                   June 7, 1993                   NetBSD 8.99.34