Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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SDTEMP(4)                    Device Drivers Manual                   SDTEMP(4)

     sdtemp - JEDEC JC-42.4 compatible memory module temperature sensors

     sdtemp* at iic? addr 0x18
     sdtemp* at iic? addr 0x19
     sdtemp* at iic? addr 0x1a
     sdtemp* at iic? addr 0x1b
     sdtemp* at iic? addr 0x1c
     sdtemp* at iic? addr 0x1d
     sdtemp* at iic? addr 0x1e
     sdtemp* at iic? addr 0x1f

     The sdtemp driver provides support for the Microchip Technology
     MCP9805/98242 and other chips that conform to JEDEC Standard 21-C section
     4.7.  Memory module temperature sensors are optional on DDR2 and newer
     DIMMs.  Sensors provided by this driver, including the on-chip thresholds
     for the Alarm Window and Critical level, are accessed through the
     envsys(4) API.

     The sdtemp supports temperature ranges from -256 to +255 degrees C.

     Chips supported by the sdtemp driver include TSE2004av compliant devices

              Analog Devices ADT7408

              Atmel AT30TS00 and AT30TSE004

              On semiconductor (Catalyst) CAT34TS02, CAT34TS02C, CAT34TS04
               and CAT6095

              Giantec Semiconductor GT30TS00 and GT34TS02

              Integrated Deviced Technology TSE2002B3, TSE2002GB2,
               TSE2004GB2, TS3000B3, TS3000GB0, TS3000GB2, and TS30001GB2

              Maxim MAX6604

              Microchip Technology EMC1501, MCP9804, MCP9805, MCP9843,
               MCP98242, MCP98243, and MCP98244

              NXP Semiconductors SE97 and SE98

              STmicroelectronics STTS424, STTS424E, STTS2002, STTS2004, and

     envsys(4), envstat(8)

     The sdtemp device appeared in NetBSD 6.0.

     Interrupt support is unimplemented.

NetBSD 10.99                   February 22, 2018                  NetBSD 10.99