Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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SERVICES_MKDB(8)            System Manager's Manual           SERVICES_MKDB(8)

     services_mkdb - generate the services databases

     services_mkdb [-qv] [-o database] [-V style] [file]
     services_mkdb -u [file]

     services_mkdb creates a cdb(5) database for the specified file.  If no
     file is specified, then /etc/services is used.  The database is installed
     into /var/db/services.cdb for CDB format and into /var/db/services.db for
     legacy DB format (see -V).  The file must be in the correct format (see

     The options are as follows:

     -o database
                 Put the output databases in the named file.

     -q          Don't warn about duplicate services.  This is the default

     -u          Print the services file to stdout, omitting duplicate entries
                 and comments.

     -V style    Create a specific version of the database style.  style can
                 be cdb to request the CDB format (default) or db to request
                 the DB format.  The DB format is useful for compatibility
                 with old statically linked binaries.

     -v          Warn about duplicate services.

     The databases are used by the C library services routines (see

     services_mkdb exits zero on success, non-zero on failure.

     /etc/services                     The current services file.
     /var/db/services.cdb              The current services database.
     /var/db/services.cdb.tmp          A temporary file.

     db(3), getservent(3), cdb(5), services(5)

     Because services_mkdb guarantees not to install a partial destination
     file it must build a temporary file in the same file system and if
     successful use rename(2) to install over the destination file.

     If services_mkdb fails it will leave the previous version of the
     destination file intact.

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