Updated: 2021/Apr/14

SESD(8)                     System Manager's Manual                    SESD(8)

     sesd - monitor SCSI Environmental Services Devices

     sesd [-d] [-t poll-interval] device [device ...]

     sesd monitors SCSI Environmental Services (or SAF-TE) devices for changes
     in state and logs such changes changes to the system error logger (see
     syslogd(8)).  At least one device must be specified.  When no other
     options are supplied, sesd detaches and becomes a daemon, by default
     waking up every 30 seconds to poll each device for a change in state.

     The following options may be used:

     -d      Instead of detaching and becoming a daemon, stay attached to the
             controlling terminal and log changes there as well as via the
             system logger.

     -t poll-interval
             Change the interval of polling from the default 30 seconds to the
             number of seconds specified.

     The user may then use getencstat(8) to get more detailed information
     about the state of the over enclosure device or objects within the
     enclosure device.

     /dev/sesN  SCSI Environmental Services Devices

     ses(4), getencstat(8), setencstat(8), setobjstat(8), syslogd(8)

     This is something of a toy, but it is better than nothing.

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