Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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MENU_MARK(3)               Library Functions Manual               MENU_MARK(3)

     menu_mark, menu_unmark, set_menu_mark, set_menu_unmark - get or set
     strings that show mark status for a menu

     Curses Menu Library (libmenu, -lmenu)

     #include <menu.h>

     char *
     menu_mark(MENU *menu);

     char *
     menu_unmark(MENU *menu);

     set_menu_mark(MENU *menu, char *mark);

     set_menu_unmark(MENU *menu, char *mark);

     The menu_mark() function returns a pointer to the character string that
     is used to mark selected items in the menu.  The mark string is set by
     the set_menu_mark() function.  The menu_unmark() function returns a
     pointer to the character string that is used to indicate a menu items is
     not selected, this string is set by the set_menu_unmark() function.  The
     mark and unmark strings may be of differing lengths, the room allocated
     to drawing the mark will be the maximum of the lengths of both the mark
     and unmark strings.  The shorter of the two strings will be left
     justified and space padded.

     The functions return one of the following error values:

     E_OK               The function was successful.
     E_SYSTEM_ERROR     There was a system error during the call.
     E_BAD_ARGUMENT     One or more of the arguments passed to the function
                        was incorrect.
     E_POSTED           The menu is already posted.
     E_CONNECTED        An item was already connected to a menu.
     E_BAD_STATE        The function was called from within an initialization
                        or termination routine.
     E_NO_ROOM          The menu does not fit within the subwindow.
     E_NOT_POSTED       The menu is not posted.
     E_UNKNOWN_COMMAND  The menu driver does not recognize the request passed
                        to it.
     E_NO_MATCH         The character search failed to find a match.
     E_NOT_SELECTABLE   The item could not be selected.
     E_NOT_CONNECTED    The item is not connected to a menu.
     E_REQUEST_DENIED   The menu driver could not process the request.

     curses(3), menus(3)

     The header <menu.h> automatically includes both <curses.h> and <eti.h>.

NetBSD 9.99                   September 10, 1999                   NetBSD 9.99