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SMBUTIL(1)                  General Commands Manual                 SMBUTIL(1)

     smbutil - interface to the SMB requester

     smbutil [-hv] command [-options] [args]

     The smbutil command is used to control SMB requester and issue various

     There are two types of options -- global and local to the specified

     Global options are as follows:

     -h      Print a short help message.

     -v      Verbose output.

     The commands and local options are:

     crypt [password]
             Encrypt clear text password for use in the ~/.nsmbrc file.  The
             encrypted password starts with the `$$1' symbols.  Warning: the
             encryption function is very weak and intended only to hide clear
             text password.  If password is omitted from the command line,
             smbutil will prompt for one.

     help command
             Print usage information about command.

     lc      List active connections and their parameters.

     login [-connection_options] //user@server[/share]
             Login/attach to the specified server and/or share as user.  This
             command will create and authenticate connection to an SMB server,
             and will leave it active after exit.  Thus, it is possible to
             login only once and then use other SMB commands without
             authentication procedure and additional connections.  For the
             description of -connection_options refer to the mount_smbfs(8)
             manpage (all uppercase options are connection options).

     logout //user@server[/share]
             Logout/detach from the specified server and/or share as user.
             This command will destroy a connection created by the login
             command.  A connection may not be closed immediately if it is
             used by other programs.

     lookup [-w host] name
             Resolve the given name to an IP address.  The NetBIOS name server
             can be directly specified via the -w option.

     print [-connection_options] //user@server/share file
             Send the given file to the specified queue on the remote server.
             If file is -, then standard input will be used.

     view [-connection_options] //user@server
             List resources available on the specified server for the user

     ~/.nsmbrc      Keeps description for each connection.  See
                    /usr/share/examples/smbfs/dot.nsmbrc for details.


     Boris Popov <bp@butya.kz>, <bp@FreeBSD.org>

     Please report any bugs to the author.

NetBSD 8.0                     February 14, 2000                    NetBSD 8.0