Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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SN(4)                        Device Drivers Manual                       SN(4)

     sn - National Semiconductor DP83932 (SONIC) based Ethernet device driver

     sn0 at jazzio?

     sn* at obio?
     sn* at nubus?

     The sn interface provides access to a 10 Mb/s Ethernet network via the
     National Semiconductor DP83932 (SONIC) Ethernet chip set.

     Each of the host's network addresses is specified at boot time with an
     SIOCSIFADDR ioctl(2).  The sn interface employs the address resolution
     protocol described in arp(4) to dynamically map between Internet and
     Ethernet addresses on the local network.

     The sn driver supports on-board JAZZ based SONIC interfaces found on Acer
     PICA and NEC machines.

     The sn driver is currently known to support the following NuBus cards:
              Apple LC Twisted-pair (part #820-0532-A) PDS card
              Cayman Gatorcard PDS
              Dayna DaynaPort/E30

     In addition, the sn interface supports the following interfaces:
              on-board Ethernet for non-AV Quadras
              on-board Ethernet for 500-series PowerBooks
              Apple CS Ethernet Twisted-pair card for Comm Slot found on
               LC575, Quadra 630, LC630, and Performa 580.

     sn%d: transmit FIFO underrun
     sn%d: receive FIFO overrun
     sn%d: receive buffer exceeded
     sn%d: receive buffers exhausted
     sn%d: receive descriptors exhausted  These messages indicate that the
     interface gets errors (due to heavy load etc.) and reinitialized.

     arp(4), inet(4), netintro(4), ifconfig(8)

     The sn interface for mac68k, which was derived from a driver for old
     NetBSD/pica port, first appeared in NetBSD 1.3.

     Jason Thorpe has rewritten a new machine independent SONIC driver which
     uses bus_dma(9) and bus_space(9) APIs after NetBSD 1.5 release, and
     NetBSD/arc has been switched to using the machine independent (MI)

     NetBSD/mac68k has also been switched to using the MI driver after the
     NetBSD 4.0 release.

NetBSD 9.99                      May 16, 2009                      NetBSD 9.99