Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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SONY(4)                      Device Drivers Manual                     SONY(4)

     sony - Sony Miscellaneous Controller

     sony*    at acpi?

     Some Sony notebook computers have a controller that handles various
     built-in devices.  The sony driver provides support for
     accessing/modifying the settings of some of these devices via the
     sysctl(8) interface.

     The following sysctl(8) variables are available:

     hw.sony0.brt [R/W]  Controls current LCD brightness.  Range [0-8].
     hw.sony0.pbr [R/W]  Controls power on LCD brightness.  Range [0-8].
     hw.sony0.cdp [R/W]  Controls CD power.
     hw.sony0.pid [R/O]  Unknown
     hw.sony0.ctr [R/W]  Unknown
     hw.sony0.pcr [R/W]  Unknown
     hw.sony0.cmi [R/W]  Unknown
     hw.sony0.ams [R/W]  Audio control (mute when 0)
     hw.sony0.hke [R/O]  Indicates a Host Key Event.  Bits are set when an
                         event occurs and cleared when this value is read.
                         The following table describes the bit set for each
                         button pressed:

                               0x1000  S1 button
                               0x0800  S2 button
                               0x0200  Fn + F10 (magnify)
                               0x0100  Mute button
                               0x0020  Fn + F12 (suspend to disk)
                               0x0010  Fn + F7 (LCD/external monitor)
                               0x0008  Fn + F6 (brighter backlight)
                               0x0004  Fn + F5 (darker backlight)
                               0x0002  Fn + F4 (volume up)
                               0x0001  Fn + F3 (volume down)

     acpi(4), i386/spic(4)

     The sony driver appeared in NetBSD 4.0.

     Sami Kantoluoto for the original driver and manual information.  Christos
     Zoulas for cleaning up the driver and this manual page.

        The sony driver just parses integer values from the acpi(4) tree.  It
         could be more intelligent and parse other controls.

        The sysctl(8) interface is not great.  The names of the sysctl(8)
         tree are not self-explanatory.

        No validity checks are performed on the user input.  Playing with
         random values and/or unknown controls can harm your machine.

        The name of the driver is too generic.

NetBSD 9.99                     August 25, 2020                    NetBSD 9.99