Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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     sqlite3_data_directory - Name Of The Folder Holding Database Files

     char *sqlite3_data_directory;

     If this global variable is made to point to a string which is the name of
     a folder (a.k.a.  directory), then all database files specified with a
     relative pathname and created or accessed by SQLite when using a built-in
     windows  VFS will be assumed to be relative to that directory.  If this
     variable is a NULL pointer, then SQLite assumes that all database files
     specified with a relative pathname are relative to the current directory
     for the process.  Only the windows VFS makes use of this global variable;
     it is ignored by the unix VFS.

     Changing the value of this variable while a database connection is open
     can result in a corrupt database.

     It is not safe to read or modify this variable in more than one thread at
     a time.  It is not safe to read or modify this variable if a database
     connection is being used at the same time in a separate thread.  It is
     intended that this variable be set once as part of process initialization
     and before any SQLite interface routines have been called and that this
     variable remain unchanged thereafter.

     The data_store_directory pragma may modify this variable and cause it to
     point to memory obtained from sqlite3_malloc.  Furthermore, the
     data_store_directory pragma always assumes that any string that this
     variable points to is held in memory obtained from sqlite3_malloc and the
     pragma may attempt to free that memory using sqlite3_free.  Hence, if
     this variable is modified directly, either it should be made NULL or made
     to point to memory obtained from sqlite3_malloc or else the use of the
     data_store_directory pragma should be avoided.

     sqlite3(3), sqlite3_malloc(3), sqlite3_vfs(3)

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