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SQLITE3_MODULE(3)          Library Functions Manual          SQLITE3_MODULE(3)

     sqlite3_module - Virtual Table Object

     struct sqlite3_module;

     This structure, sometimes called a "virtual table module", defines the
     implementation of a virtual tables.  This structure consists mostly of
     methods for the module.

     A virtual table module is created by filling in a persistent instance of
     this structure and passing a pointer to that instance to
     sqlite3_create_module() or sqlite3_create_module_v2().  The registration
     remains valid until it is replaced by a different module or until the
     database connection closes.  The content of this structure must not
     change while it is registered with any database connection.

     sqlite3(3), sqlite3_create_module(3)

NetBSD 8.0                      March 11, 2017                      NetBSD 8.0