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SQLITE3_SNAPSHOT_RECOVER(3)                           Library Functions Manual

     sqlite3_snapshot_recover - Recover snapshots from a wal file

     sqlite3_snapshot_recover(sqlite3 *db, const char *zDb);

     If all connections disconnect from a database file but do not perform a
     checkpoint, the existing wal file is opened along with the database file
     the next time the database is opened.  At this point it is only possible
     to successfully call sqlite3_snapshot_open() to open the most recent
     snapshot of the database (the one at the head of the wal file), even
     though the wal file may contain other valid snapshots for which clients
     have sqlite3_snapshot handles.

     This function attempts to scan the wal file associated with database zDb
     of database handle db and make all valid snapshots available to
     sqlite3_snapshot_open().  It is an error if there is already a read
     transaction open on the database, or if the database is not a wal mode

     SQLITE_OK is returned if successful, or an SQLite error code otherwise.

NetBSD 8.0                      March 11, 2017                      NetBSD 8.0