Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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SQLITE3_STMT(3)            Library Functions Manual            SQLITE3_STMT(3)

     sqlite3_stmt - prepared statement object

     #include <sqlite3.h>

     typedef struct sqlite3_stmt sqlite3_stmt;

     An instance of this object represents a single SQL statement that has
     been compiled into binary form and is ready to be evaluated.

     Think of each SQL statement as a separate computer program.  The original
     SQL text is source code.  A prepared statement object is the compiled
     object code.  All SQL must be converted into a prepared statement before
     it can be run.

     The life-cycle of a prepared statement object usually goes like this:

     1.   Create the prepared statement object using sqlite3_prepare_v2().

     2.   Bind values to parameters using the sqlite3_bind_*() interfaces.

     3.   Run the SQL by calling sqlite3_step() one or more times.

     4.   Reset the prepared statement using sqlite3_reset() then go back to
          step 2.  Do this zero or more times.

     5.   Destroy the object using sqlite3_finalize().

     These declarations were extracted from the interface documentation at
     line 3997.

     typedef struct sqlite3_stmt sqlite3_stmt;

     sqlite3_finalize(3), sqlite3_prepare(3), sqlite3_reset(3),

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